Client Tip for March 2017: MEDICARE PART B COST

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Most individuals who are enrolled in Medicare Part B pay approximately $109 on average per month. You may have to pay more than that in a few situations.  There are five situations in which you will be billed a higher monthly charge, starting at $134 per month.

  1. You first enroll in Part B in 2017
  2. You do not get Social Security benefits
  3. You have both Medicare and Medicaid and Medicaid pays your premium
  4. You pay your Part B premiums directly
  5. Your modified adjust gross income from 2 years ago (2015 income for 2017 premiums) is above a certain level

The following chart shows the amount you will pay based upon your income level.

If your yearly income in 2015 (for what you pay in 2017) was:
march medicare part b cost
You may want to keep this in mind when your income spikes in a particular year. 


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