About Us

One of the largest accounting firms in the Greater St. Louis Area, Hochschild, Bloom & Company maintains a deep commitment to our role as experts in the field of accounting. We realize that we are looked at as a leader by the business community and take the initiative to advance our firm to the highest levels possible.

Besides simply being a regular member of the American Institute of CPAs, Hochschild, Bloom & Company has made it a policy to maintain even standards higher than any of those required by regulatory bodies.

We voluntarily became a member of both the Center for Public Company Audit Firms and the Private Companies Practice Section of the American Institute of CPAs. All members of these groups are required to maintain higher quality control standards than other CPA firms and are subject to regular peer review by outside CPAs.

We are proud of the fact that our peer reviews have consistently shown us to be one of the highest category of accounting firms.

Why do we go this? Why go through the trouble of voluntary peer review? Why voluntarily take on higher quality control standards? The answer is simple:

We care about our field. We care about our community. We care about our clients.

It’s our way of constantly pushing ourselves to that next level.

A Saint Louis Legacy

Founded in 1946, the firm has grown to become a pillar of West St. Louis County. Our clients include individuals, corporations, nonprofits and various governments. We are not just located in St. Louis. We are part of the community. Our clients’ success directly relates to the economic well-being of our region. For nearly seventy years we’ve been a partner in the financial health of the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

Our founder, Peter Hochschild, moved to St. Louis in 1937, where he attended Washington University. After passing the national CPA exam with the second-highest results in the United States, he founded the firm on the same principles of excellence and high-standards which still guide us today.

More Than an Accountant

While our firm offers a full range of traditional accounting and tax services, it goes far beyond the traditional in the range of services typically provided. We are a partner in your success and, as such, offer our experience in a wide variety of areas as value-added services.

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