Client Tip for July 2018: Umbrella Insurance Policy and State Gas Tax

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Who needs an umbrella policy? If you are ever sued or found at fault for personal injury to others, you may need an umbrella policy. Your home or auto policy may not cover you up to the full amount of the judgement. Umbrella policies add another layer of liability protection. This policy will also cover you for any alleged slander, liable, or defamation of character. The cost for an umbrella policy is minimal compared to the amount of coverage you are able to get. Check with your insurance agent. This may save your assets or future earnings from seizure to pay the judgement.



Of the 50 U.S. states, the state gas tax ranges from 12.3 cents per gallon in Alaska to 58.7 cents in Pennsylvania. Oklahoma is the second lowest at 17.0 cents. Missouri is the third lowest rate at 17.4 cents per gallon. The remaining 7 states that surround Missouri average about 27 cents per gallon.


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