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We are very sad to let everyone know that our remaining founding partner Mr. Melvin M. Bloom passed away on May 16, 2019. Mel was 96 years old. For everyone who had an opportunity to get to know him, he was a wonderful and caring person. Mel was very friendly and outgoing; everyone he met was his friend. He especially enjoyed younger people, showing interest in them personally. He was a great mentor to many within the Firm and we appreciate his continuing influence by being in the office frequently and providing wisdom to those who spoke with him.

Mel did a lot to start and grow the Firm with his partner Peter Hochschild. He always cared about the success of HB&Co and he was proud of the Firm’s continued success.

Anyone who had an opportunity to work with Mel knows that he was very intelligent and quick to analyze a situation. One of the traits that was highly admired in Mel was his honesty and integrity. Mel was the Firm’s first managing partner and we continue that tradition today.

Professional Background And Responsibilities

Melvin Bloom with Peter Hochschild founded the Firm on January 1, 1952. In addition to being a senior partner of the Firm, Mr. Bloom continued direct client relationships, he had been on local radio stations, answering questions and speaking in the areas of tax and financial planning. Mr. Bloom was on the editorial board of “The Practical Accountant”. In 1974, Mr. Bloom was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the State of Missouri for his contribution to tax administration in the State.

Educational Background And Certification

Mr. Bloom graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 1943 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and received a Master of Business Administration in Finance in 1973. He received his CPA certificate from Missouri in 1950 and from Illinois in 1964.

For several years, Mr. Bloom taught courses in accounting at St. Louis University. In 1974, Mr. Bloom received the St. Louis University Accounting Award for distinguished leadership and service to the accounting profession. He received certificates of accomplishment under the Missouri Society of CPAs voluntary continuing professional education program since its inception in 1976.

Professional Society Memberships

Mr. Bloom was a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Missouri Society of CPAs. He was a past president of the St. Louis Chapter Missouri Society of CPAs and was a board member of the Missouri Society. He was appointed to the American Institute of CPAs Committee on Taxation of Corporate Distribu­tions and was a member of the American Institute’s Technical Standard Sub-Committee of its Division of Professional Ethics.

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