HB&Co. is an organization that subscribes to core values which define our philosophy of doing business, our commitment to providing superior service to our clients, our concern for the growth and development of our team members as well as a commitment to leadership and support for the community and our profession. These core values are:

Integrity – HB&Co. is committed to uncompromising adherence to sound moral principles, honesty and sincerity in our relationships with our clients and one another.

Trust – HB&Co. is obligated to our clients and to our staff to uphold the highest levels of honesty, confidentiality and professionalism in all of our relationships and activities.

Concern for Clients – HB&Co. is focused on the needs and requirements of our clients, striving to meet or exceed their expectations in a timely and effective manner.

Caring for People of the Firm – HB&Co. is committed to the personal and professional development of all of our personnel through comprehensive training, timely communication and an environment that fosters initiative.

Superior Service – HB&Co. is pledged to perform all of our engagements with adherence to the highest standards of quality and confidentiality in a timely manner.

Competence – HB&Co. is entrusted to insure that all personnel develop and maintain the level of technical and professional expertise needed to meet the evolving requirements of our clients and our profession.

Teamwork – HB&Co. shall foster an environment in which all personnel are encouraged to work together with our clients to conduct each engagement in the most efficient manner possible.

Strategic Vision – HB&Co. is committed to approach each engagement in a proactive manner, encouraging accomplishment of both short- and long-term goals through careful direction and planning.

Dedication to Community – HB&Co. is focused on being an active participant in the development and growth of the communities in which we live and work.

Support for Profession – HB&Co. is entrusted to provide leadership and support to various professional organizations which regulate and define our industry.

Appreciation – HB&Co. is grateful for the relationships we have with our clients, our personnel and our communities, and will continue to acknowledge the value we place on these relationships.

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