In many ways, Hochschild, Bloom & Company is a representation of everything that makes America great: the opportunity to build something truly spectacular, using nothing but one’s own enterprise, intelligence, and hard work.

Founded in 1946 by Peter Hochschild, our first location was a tiny 7-foot by 12-foot office in a law firm’s suite, appointed with little more than a used desk, two chairs, and an adding machine. Only 33 at the time, Mr. Hochschild had worked in a department store before moving to St. Louis to work at a large accounting firm. After attending Washington University in St. Louis, he passed his CPA test with flying colors and struck out on his own, founding the company which would become Hochschild, Bloom & Company.

It was from these humble beginnings that our firm has grown into one of the largest accounting firms in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area, still guided today by the principles of hard work and a relentless quest for excellence established by our founder in that small office nearly seventy years ago.

An American Success Story

Peter Hochschild was born in 1913 to Ernest and Paula Hochschild, in what is now the Alsace region of France. His family relocated to Frankfort, where his father was a judge, lawyer, and opera critic. In 1933 following the Nazis’ rise to power in Germany, his family decided to send the 20-year-old Peter to the United States, where he had family in Baltimore.

In 1937, after just a few years in Baltimore, he moved to St. Louis where he met his future wife, Ms. Henrietta Malzner. Mr. Hochschild attended Washington University, eventually passing the national CPA exam with the second-highest score in the United States.

A brilliant man, Mr. Hochschild not only diligently built his own firm, but was also a board member of several other corporations. He published numerous articles in tax magazines and business journals and was very active in civic life, serving on the board of several nonprofit organizations and volunteering in the community.

A Legacy of Excellence

Today, Hochschild, Bloom & Company embraces this legacy of excellence, hard work, and community involvement. We don’t merely have offices located in the St. Louis region—we’re members of the community, too. We view ourselves as a partner in the success of our area’s private companies, regional governments, and nonprofit organizations.

We strive to live up to the legacy established by our founder those many years ago: a continual pursuit of excellence, a sincere dedication to our clients’ success, and a real involvement in the community.

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