Besides our traditional accounting functions, we also offer consulting and management advisory services—interacting with your team to help chart the best course for your future.

Due to our experience with other organizations, we can offer a perspective that members of your management team may not have considered. Our independence allows us to address issues openly and honestly. As such, we allow ideas and proposals to be challenged without the risk of challenging the authority of the person ultimately responsible for making and implementing the final decision. Our job is to bring information and objectivity to the decision-making process rather than actually making management decisions.

Often our clients need input on key strategic and operating issues with which they are confronted. We are here to help with exactly that.

Increased Efficiency. Lowered Costs.

In order to stay effective in business you have to constantly evolve. A company that remains static is a company on the way out.

Objective assessment of your organization’s current operations is crucial in order to improve performance. How is your operation going? How does it stack up against others? In what ways could it be improved?

We can assist you to analyze your organization’s operations and identify areas of potential cost reduction or enhanced efficiency. Utilize our expertise to help keep your company sharp and maintain your competitive edge.

Some of our services in this area include:

  • Development of key performance metrics and analyses to analyze company performance
  • Development of management reports for monitoring actual performance against plans or comparable industry data
  • Assistance in identifying and prioritizing areas for improvement
  • Creation of custom-made strategic plans including related financial projections and forecasts
  • Development of an action plan and timetable for addressing areas which need improvement
  • Development of budgets and cash flow forecasts
  • Establishing accounting policies and procedures manuals
  • Design, selection, set up, or conversion to a more appropriate accounting or information system
  • Assistance in obtaining financing to support growth, expansions, and acquisitions
  • Design and development of a marketing assessment to determine competitive position and areas of greatest growth potential or threats

For more information on our Management Advisory Services, please contact Jim Pursley.

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